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Unwrapping Brilliance: Buying Gold Online in December

Are you thinking about buying gold online in December? A month draped in the sparkle of festivities, December is the perfect time to delve into the world of online gold shopping. In a digital era where convenience meets luxury, acquiring gold has never been more accessible.

Buying Gold Online

Begin your journey by navigating through the exceptional collection of Gold Bullion at J Blundell & Sons today. Gleaming collections await, with each piece crafted to perfection, promising not just an accessory but a timeless investment. December heralds a season of celebrations, making gold a symbol of both opulence and tradition.

When it comes to buying gold online, the options are as diverse as the holiday traditions themselves. From Brand New Gold Bars to the very popular Gold Sovereign and Britannia Coins, there certainly is a large choice available.

Why Shop Online?

What sets online gold shopping apart is the convenience it brings to your fingertips. Effortlessly browse through an array of designs, compare prices, and make a decision in the comfort of your home this December.

All online orders will receive a FREE and Fully insured delivery service plus there are safe and secure payment methods available.

Shop online with confidence when you purchase gold bullion from a reputable and well-established, expert gold dealer such as J Blundell’s.

Investment strategy

December serves as an ideal time to bolster your investment strategy with gold. The festive season heightens gold demand, creating a favourable market. Historical trends show increased economic uncertainties, making gold a sought-after safe-haven asset. The tradition of gift-giving in December further boosts gold demand, potentially leading to price appreciation. Seizing exclusive deals and discounts offered online enhances financial prudence. Take advantage of this opportune moment to fortify your investment portfolio with the enduring value and stability that gold provides.


In summary, buying gold online in December is a smart move. The festive season boosts demand, and exclusive online deals add extra value to your investment. Enjoy a stress-free experience from home, exploring diverse options conveniently. Given gold’s historical resilience during economic uncertainties, December presents an opportune time to fortify your financial portfolio. Embrace the convenience, variety, and potential savings of online purchases to secure a timeless investment that combines elegance with financial prudence

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Introducing the 2024 King Charles III Britannia Coin

Explore the realm of coin collecting and gold investment with the 2024 King Charles III Britannia One Ounce Gold Coin. Discover its significance and captivating design in this blog. Join us as we delve into the details and uncover why this coin is a valuable addition to your investment collection.

The Significance of the Britannia Coin

The Britannia Coin’s significance stems from its Roman-era roots, symbolizing the British Isles. In modern times, it seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, appealing to collectors and investors. Featuring Britannia’s image, it honors heritage while fitting contemporary tastes. This dual appeal attracts history enthusiasts and investors, making it a cherished portfolio addition and a part of British heritage

Design Excellence

The 2024 King Charles III Britannia Gold Coin showcases a stunning design that pays homage to the enduring spirit of Britannia. On the obverse, you’ll find a portrait of King Charles III as seen here:

The reverse of the coin features the iconic image of Britannia herself. Her unwavering gaze and powerful stance symbolize the strength and resilience of the British nation.

Investment Value

Investing in gold coins, especially the Britannia coin, offers a valuable opportunity. These coins have a rich history and modern appeal, attracting collectors and investors. Their enduring design, featuring Britannia, blends tradition with the present, making them a wise choice. The dual appeal appeals to both history enthusiasts and investors, making them a treasured addition to portfolios and a part of British heritage.

Why Choose J. Blundell & Sons

At J. Blundell & Sons, we understand the significance of selecting the right coins for your investment portfolio. With a legacy of trust and expertise, we offer guidance and access to various precious metal investments, including the 2024 King Charles III Britannia Gold Coin. Explore the possibilities, make informed investments, and experience the timeless allure of Britannia. Visit our store in London Hatton Gardens or browse through our extensive gold bullion collection online today.

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The King Charles III Coronation Gold Sovereign’s Triumph in 2023

In 2023, the King Charles III Coronation Gold Sovereigns soared in popularity, driven by their historical significance and the anticipation surrounding Charles’s impending coronation. These coins, celebrated for their intricate designs and relative scarcity, captivated both collectors and investors.

Beyond their monetary value, these coins carried profound symbolism as emblems of British heritage. Their enduring allure made them highly coveted, particularly among those exploring pawnbroking.

A Year of Historical Significance

The year 2023 witnessed a significant shift in the gold market. With Prince Charles ascending to the throne, the anticipation surrounding his coronation ignited substantial interest among collectors and investors. This was not just due to the historic occasion but also because gold, renowned for its stability and safe-haven status, drew many in the United Kingdom who were exploring pawnbroking and investment opportunities.

King Charles III Coronation Gold Sovereign 2023

The King Charles III Coronation Gold Sovereign of 2023 achieved remarkable success in the coin market, captivating collectors and investors. Its significance extended beyond its precious metal composition; it symbolized the continuity and tradition of British history. With its regal design and limited mintage, it became a cherished keepsake for those seeking a tangible piece of history. Its value transcended its gold content; it embodied the enduring spirit of the United Kingdom. In 2023, the King Charles III Coronation Gold Sovereign served as a testament to the nation’s rich history and promising future, making it highly sought-after among collectors.

Regal Beauty: A Closer Look

The coin’s appearance exudes captivating regality. One side showcases a meticulously crafted and detailed portrayal of King Charles III, framed by a coronation crown and adorned with royal regalia. The reverse side features the iconic image of St. George slaying the dragon, symbolizing strength and valor. This design pays homage to a significant event in British history, with its shimmering gold surface adding to its grandeur. In summary, the King Charles III Coronation Gold Sovereign radiates timeless elegance, capturing the essence of royalty and tradition in 2023.

Value to the Market

These coins represent more than mere metal; they encapsulate history, culture, and tradition. Their rarity and storytelling appeal draw collectors and investors alike. The market value of these coins is anticipated to continue rising, making them a prudent choice for investment.

In conclusion, the release of the King Charles III Coronation Gold Sovereign in 2023 not only reshaped the coin market but also rekindled interest in numismatics. These coins transcended their monetary worth, transforming into tangible pieces of history and symbols of heritage that ignited the imagination of collectors and investors. The excitement surrounding this coin had a ripple effect, revitalizing the market and reaffirming the enduring allure of sovereigns. They solidified their status as prized assets for collectors and investors.


In summary, the 2023 release of the King Charles III Coronation Gold Sovereign transformed the coin market. Its regal design and historical significance reignited interest in sovereign coin collection and investment. These coins became tangible pieces of history, igniting collectors’ and investors’ imaginations beyond their monetary value. The excitement it generated had a ripple effect, reigniting numismatic interest. In 2023, this coin not only reshaped the market but also reaffirmed the enduring allure of sovereigns as prized assets.

J Blundell & Sons offer an exceptional selection of Gold Britannia Coins as well as Gold Sovereign Coins, all of which can be ordered online and come with free, fully insured delivery.

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Why Is My Jewellery not 24 Carat Gold?

fine gold for jewellery

Understanding the Properties of Gold

Gold, in its purest form, is known as 24 carat gold. It’s highly valued for its bright yellow lustre and its resistance to tarnish. However, one of the most distinguishing properties of gold is its softness. The incredible malleability and ductility of gold allow it to be shaped and stretched without breaking. These properties make it ideal for various uses. For instance, in electronics, manufacturers shape thin gold wires as needed, and in dentistry, dentists precisely shape gold fillings to fit a patient’s tooth.

Why is 24 Carat Gold not used for Jewellery?

fine gold, gold bars, fine gold

Despite these useful properties, the softness of 24 carat gold makes it less suitable for crafting durable jewellery. Jewellery needs to withstand daily wear and tear, and a piece made from pure gold could easily lose its shape or let a precious stone slip out. That’s why jewellers often use gold alloys, which are mixtures of gold and other metals, for making jewellery.

Understanding Gold Carats and Alloys

We use the term ‘carat’ to denote the purity of gold, with 24 carats representing pure gold. When we mix other metals with gold, the carat value decreases. Here’s a simple breakdown:

Carat% of Fine Gold
Common fineness used in Gold Jewellery

For example, 22 k gold is an alloy that’s 91.7% gold and 8.3% other metals like copper or silver. These additional metals give the alloy a hardness that pure gold lacks, making it more suitable for crafting durable jewellery.

Turning Your Gold into Cash

Whether you have 24 carat gold or a lower carat alloy, you can turn your unwanted gold into cash at J Blundell & Sons Ltd. We offer competitive scrap gold prices and same-day payments, making it easy to sell your gold. As a trusted gold buyer and pawnbroker, we also provide loans against gold, offering a secure way to access funds without selling your precious metals.

In the world of gold, understanding the difference between carats and the properties of gold can help you make informed decisions, whether you’re buying, selling, or securing a loan against gold.

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Key Differences in Gold Britannia Bar vs. Britannia Coin

Welcome to our informative blog post where we delve into the differences between Britannia bars and coins. If you’re considering investing in gold, understanding these distinctions can help you make an informed decision. The Royal Mint has its sub brand of gold bars called ‘Britannia’, but it’s don’t confuse them with the globally recognized Britannia coins. We will explore key points such as pricing, availability, recognition, and tax advantages to help suggest the benefits of Gold Britannia coins over Britannia bars

  1. The Royal Mint of the UK refers to its minted wafer bars as ‘Britannia’,. These are not be confused with Gold Britannia coins.
  2. The term ‘Britannia’ is exclusive to the Royal Mint. Other major refineries, like Metalor, use the term Minted Wafers for similar products.
  3. The Royal Mint’s sub brand, Britannia gold bars, comes in various sizes. However, other refineries offer a wider range of gold bars.
  4. Britannia bars, as a sub brand, usually command higher prices and may not enjoy the same level of global recognition as Gold Britannia coins. At J Blundell and Sons, we offer LBMA approved gold wafer bars, which can be more cost-effective.
  5. Gold Britannia coins hold global recognition and acceptance, guaranteeing their high liquidity in international markets. Investors can effortlessly buy and sell these coins, granting them flexibility and access to a diverse pool of potential buyers.
  6. Gold Britannia coins are available in various denominations, including 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz. Thus allowing investors to choose the size that aligns with their budget and investment goals.
  7. These coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in the UK. Hence making them an attractive investment option for those seeking tax advantages.
    It’s important to understand the distinction between the Royal Mint’s ‘Britannia’ bars and Gold Britannia coins. While the term ‘Britannia’ is specific to the Royal Mint, Gold Britannia coins are widely recognized and accepted in global market. We offer a range of gold investment options, including LBMA approved gold bars and Gold coins, providing investors with choices.
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Why Gold is Priced in Troy Ounce Units

Converting Troy Ounces to Grams

Gold enthusiasts have always valued its beauty and investment potential. In the world of gold trading, traders price this precious metal in troy ounce units. This post explores the reasons behind using troy ounces and provides a simple guide to converting troy ounces into grams.

The Historical Origins of the Troy Ounce

The ancient troy weight system has derived the troy ounce, which has served as a standard unit of measure for precious metals for centuries. The gold industry widely recognizes and accepts it due to its historical significance and industry standards.

Conversion to Grams

Understanding the equivalent value of troy ounces in grams, which is a more familiar metric unit, can be helpful even though troy ounces are commonly used in gold trading. One troy ounce is equivalent to approximately 31.1035 grams. This conversion factor allows for easy calculation and comparison of gold prices in different units.

The International Standard

The use of troy ounces as the standard unit for gold pricing ensures consistency and facilitates global trading. Using a universally accepted unit of measurement helps avoid confusion and enables accurate valuation. this helps in exchange of the precious metal as gold is traded internationally.

Converting Troy Ounces to Grams – Example

To convert troy ounces to grams, simply multiply the number of troy ounces by the conversion factor of 31.1035. For example, if you have 2 troy ounces of gold, the equivalent weight would be 2 multiplied by 31.1035, which equals 62.207 grams.

Understanding the conversion between troy ounces and grams is beneficial for both investors and traders in the gold market. It allows for seamless communication and accurate assessment of gold prices, regardless of the preferred unit of measurement.

The gold industry has deeply rooted the use of troy ounce units in gold pricing, making it the industry standard. Understanding the conversion between troy ounces and grams provides clarity and ease of comparison for gold traders and investors. Both troy ounce and gram units are widely recognized and accepted in the global gold market, regardless of your preference.

At J Blundell & Sons Ltd, we offer a range of services for gold trading and investment. Our team of experts actively provides accurate pricing information and assists clients in making informed decisions. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in the exciting world of gold trading.

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The Recyclability of Gold

Gold is a rare and precious metal valued for its beauty, rarity, and unique properties for thousands of years. Its unique combination of physical and chemical characteristics makes it a highly sought-after commodity. Gold is a key component of the global financial system and is used as a benchmark for currency values and as a reserve asset by central banks worldwide. 

The demand for Gold is driven by various factors, including its use in jewellery, electronic devices, and investment, as well as its role as a hedge against inflation and market volatility.

The Recycling Process of Gold

Gold recycling is a critical part of the Gold industry and helps to conserve it. The recycling process involves the collection of scrap Gold, which is then refined to produce new Gold. 

Here’s a brief overview of the recycling process:

  1. Collection of scrap gold: The first step in the Gold recycling process is the collection of scrap gold. This can come from various sources, including jewellery, dental fillings, electronic waste, and other sources. The collected scrap Gold is then sold to a refiner who will process it further.
  1. Refining process: The next step in the Gold recycling process is the refining of the collected scrap Gold. This involves a series of chemical treatments that remove impurities and separate the Gold from other metals. The resulting pure Gold is then melted into a bar, coin or another form, ready for reuse.
  1. Recovery of gold from electronic waste: Recently, there has been a growing demand for Gold recycling from electronic waste. This is because electronic devices contain a significant amount of Gold, which can be recovered through recycling. The process involves the dismantling of electronic devices, followed by the extraction of Gold from the recovered components.

Gold recycling is important because it helps to reduce the demand for newly mined Gold. This, in turn, helps reduce the environmental impact of Gold mining, which can significantly impact the environment. The more Gold is recycled, the less that needs to be extracted from the earth. Additionally, recycling Gold is more cost-effective than mining for new Gold, which makes it an attractive option for many organisations. Encouraging responsible Gold mining practices and increasing transparency in the supply chain can also help make the Gold industry more sustainable.

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The Forecast of Gold prices in the UK in 2023

As 2022 drew to a close and we welcomed in the New Year, Gold was one of the best-performing assets, just behind the US dollar. 

Supply and demand are the two main factors that affect Gold prices. When demand for Gold increases, so does its price; when more people sell their Gold than buy it, prices drop. Other factors include inflation, economic growth or decline, currency exchange rates, and political turmoil—all of which influence the global markets and play a role in setting Gold prices. 

In 2022, Gold did underperform due to The Federal Reserve System, which is the central bank of the United States; raising their interest rates which had a negative impact on bonds and Gold. This meant that the value of the U.S dollar increased, and it became a safer investment, so the demand for Gold decreased. 

However, the forecast for Gold prices for this year looks promising. As we enter 2023 and see that many economies could face a bit of a recession, Gold will naturally become more attractive to investors. Gold is the only asset that every central bank owns, and according to the World Gold Council, in the third quarter of last year, central banks bought 400 tonnes of Gold. 

Towards the end of 2022, we saw the value of Gold start to rise as the US dollar started to weaken, and if this continues, then the value of Gold will continue to go up in value during 2023. It’s important to remember that Gold prices aren’t always stable; they often fluctuate based on short-term events like news reports or natural disasters. This means that predicting long-term trends with any degree of accuracy is difficult. 

We are looking forward to seeing what unfolds this year! As always, if you are looking to invest in Gold, we’d be happy to help you alongside a financial advisor.

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 10 interesting facts about Gold

Gold is one of the world’s most precious and rare metals and has always fascinated humans because of its unique qualities. Gold has been around for centuries and has been treasured over the years. 

Here are 10 interesting facts about Gold: 

  1. Gold is one of the heaviest metals in the Periodic Chart, but it is also incredibly soft and very malleable. Even one gram of Gold can be flattened into thin sheets and turned into jewellery. 
  2. You can eat Gold! It’s safe to eat in the form of glitter or gold leaf, pure Gold isn’t toxic, and you can often find it in chocolate or even served on steak. 
  3. It has been estimated that around 190,000 tons of Gold have been mined throughout history. All of the Gold ever mined would fit into 3 Olympic swimming pools. 
  4. Did you know that Gold can conduct heat and electricity? Its conductivity is slightly lower than copper and silver, but it does not tarnish quickly, which means it lasts much longer than other metals. 
  5. 22-carat Gold is the standard for UK Gold Coins. The first Gold coins appeared in around 700 BC. Gold Brittania coins were moved to 24ct (fine gold) in 2013.
  6. Gold is a brilliant way of preserving wealth from one generation to another as it has a history of holding its wealth. Its natural scarcity and high production cost are the main reasons it holds value. 
  7. Scientists believe that Gold is formed from supernovae and neutron star collisions. This means other plants like Mercury, Mars and Venus could also have Gold. 
  8. Researchers in Australia found that the Eucalyptus trees have Gold in their leaves. The Eucalyptus roots can go over 130 feet underground for water. Gold is often found in underground water, so it makes sense that the Eucalyptus tree picks up gold particles that are absorbed and transferred to its leaves.  
  9. One-fifth of all the Gold owned by the government in the world is stored underneath the Bank of England on Threadneedle Street in London. The vaults hold 5,134 tonnes of Gold. The reason why so many people invest in physical Gold is that you own it outright. This means you are not reliant on banks or other financial institutions.
  10. The reason why so many people invest in physical Gold is that you own it outright. This means you are not reliant on banks or other financial institutions.

As you can see, there are so many amazing facts about Gold, which is why we’ve been in the gold business for over 200 years! If you’d like to learn more about how to invest in Gold, you can contact us here

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When will coins change to King Charles III?

Along with the rest of the UK, we were deeply saddened by the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death on September 8th, aged 96. 

The Queen’s face is one that we all see daily. Her head takes pride of place on our stamps, banknotes, coins and medals. This has been the case since the start of her reign in 1956. 

During Elizabeth II’s reign, the UK transitioned into a decimal currency, and the switch came on Monday, February 15th 1971. Before the switch, it was customary for more than one monarch’s face to be on British coins, but they were all updated with the Queen’s head in time for decimalisation in 1971. 

There are 29 billion coins in circulation in the UK that picture Her Majesty’s head. The Royal Mint will no longer create new coins with her image, but it will take a while for us to start seeing King Charles III’s head on our coins. It could also take many years for the late Queen’s image to completely vanish from circulation. 

The first step will be for The King to work with The Royal Mint to approve a new design for coins and notes. The Chancellor and then the King will approve the final design. As part of a 300-year-old tradition, King Charles will face left on the new coins. Each time there is a new monarch, the direction of their head changes. The late Queen’s father, King George VI, faced left on coins before she took reign. 

Even though many significant changes will happen over the next few weeks and months, we don’t have to worry about invalid coins. Coins with the late Queen’s head on them will remain legal tender, and over time they will eventually be phased out.

However, it would be a good idea to check your coins as some of them could become very valuable in years to come. For example, the second most valuable Queen Elizabeth II coin is the mule gold proof Double Sovereign £2 coin with the wrong obverse. It is 22ct gold and was released in 1994 to celebrate 300 years of the Bank of England; it also has a unique reverse inspired by the original Britannia seal of the UK’s central bank.

Mr Jon White is a coin expert, and in an interview, he explained that this rare find has a current value of £5,000 as there are only 1,000 of them in circulation.

If you are interested in investing in Gold coins, we have a range of Gold sovereign coins on our website. If you’d like to have a chat about how to get started, drop us an email or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.