Terms & Conditions



Qualification of an Order Placed is when you obtained an order number from us, once an order is placed you are committed to the purchase and any cancellation may have charges.

Qualification of an Order Accepted is when you have met all preconditions required for sale. These are,

  • We have received the required ID credentials, usually it is verifiable photo ID with current address. We may ask for another document proving your address
  • No default or problem has arisen.

An Order is deemed ready for collection or delivery once we have received a cleared payment from you on your order and all other preconditions have been met.

J Blundell and sons ltd reserves an irrevocable right to refuse your order, refer to Termination by us.

Cash payments

At J Blundell & Sons we no longer accept cash payments for any purchases.

Bank transfer

Bank transfers made should have reference number as your order number, failure to do so may result in termination of order by us or cause inadvertent delays on your order.

Monies need to released into our account before goods can released for collection or delivery.

Do note that bank transfers are not always instant and it may take more time to clear than anticipated, We are not liable for any delays and may not be able to follow up with banks on your behalf.

Returns or Cancellation

As such there is no statutory right to return or cancel an order once placed under the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004. The goods we supply are dependent on fluctuations in financial markets hence no returns or cancellations are accepted.

Termination by You

Termination of order can be requested and may be offered by us in some circumstances. If you do choose to terminate an order prior to despatch/collection you will be charged for any fall in the underlying metal price for the goods from when the order was placed to when it was terminated, along with a termination fee.

Termination by us

We would do our best to keep your order however, we reserve right to terminate order and be released from any obligation. Terminations by us are very infrequent and are usually if the order cannot meet pre-conditions or the order is not compliant with either UK government’s policy or our company policy on Investment gold or money laundering or any relevant policies.

We try to keep our prices and inventory as accurate as possible, however if due to any unforeseen reason there has been an error, we reserve the right to terminate your order.


You should not accept or sign for any delivery where the package has been damaged, resealed or tampered with and instruct the courier to return the package to us.

We cannot accept any liability for loss once a package has been accepted by any person at the delivery address.

We are unable to accept any liability for packages that have been delivered to houses of multiple occupancy, work addresses, PO boxes, mail boxes or where a postal redirection is in place once signed for or confirmed by our couriers as delivered to that address.

Once delivery is signed for, you become legal owner of the goods.

We cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery or collection as a result of stock shortages, due to adverse weather, traffic delays, mechanical breakdowns or other circumstances beyond our control. Any dates quoted for delivery are approximate only and the time of delivery will not be of the essence of the contract.


Cash on collection is not accepted.

When you have paid via bank transfer and we have notified you to collect your goods, you must collect the item(s) within 5 working days or you would be liable for storage costs. The payment needs to be cleared before goods are ready to be dispatched or ready to be collected. Do note that bank transfer can have delays depending your bank.

You must present to us the originals of the ID with name and address as on the order or if requested, bring any additional ID that we have requested from you.

We must still be able to verify the ID, If any of the conditions are not met, we will not release the good to be collected.

Failing to collect in advised timeframes may result in termination of your order.

Privacy and Record Keeping

J Blundell and sons ltd, complies with VAT NOTICE 701/21 and our Anti money laundering policies require us to keep KYC (Know Your Customer) related identification documents on file.

By submitting an order to us you give us your explicit consent allowing us to use your personal data as described in the privacy statement, as on our website. You agree that we may use personal information provided by you in order to conduct appropriate anti fraud checks. You can rest assured that this is done only to confirm your identity, that a credit check is not performed and that your credit rating will be unaffected.

It is your responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your account username and password, and to inform us immediately if you have any reason to believe that your password has become known to anyone else. We cannot accept any responsibility for unauthorised use of your account where this is not the case.

Legal ownership

You become legal owner of the products on your order when,

  • If you asked for delivery service then you become the legal owner of those item(s) when we complete our delivery. Delivery is complete when our courier has confirmed the package as delivered.
  • If you are collecting then once your payment has cleared and has met all terms and conditions and products handed to you in store
  • If you are storing items with us then, when your payment has cleared and has met all terms and conditions, all or if any storage fee is paid and products handed to you in store


Prices are as stated on your order, however if any changes are requested then extra charges may apply, also any changes would have then-current prices. Price from a previous order or one in amendment cannot be used for changed order. This is due to the fact that precious metal prices change while global markets are trading.

We trade based on the global metal market’s prices, which are outside our control, and change frequently. The historical performance of our price, or the global metal market’s prices of goods and metal is not a reliable indicator of future prices


All gold bullion coins listed on our website for sale, to the best of our knowledge, are CGT and VAT free however please obtain your advice on taxation. Please refer Investment gold coins list on VAT Notice 701/21A and or your financial advisor.

We cannot provide advice on any potential tax implications of your transactions, if you need investment or tax advice you must rely on your own financial, tax and/ or accounting advisers.


If you wish to dispute any matter relating to the sale or storage you may raise the matter in writing addressed to our registered office address, for the attention of the Directors. We will respond within 20 working days.

We will endeavour to resolve any issues with urgency.

You may not visit us in store for dispute resolution, without a prior appointment. You are welcome to make appointments via calling in or sending us an email.


You can only store investment gold that has been bought from J Blundell and sons.

Direct debit needs to be set up for your storage recurrent costs and this bank account needs to be in name of the person on the order.

The stored goods can be sold back to us, however the payment can only be in the name of legal owner of the goods, which is that same as the person on the order.

Billing is calculated monthly, and the payment can be made in advance via cash or bank transfer.

All customer goods will be separately identifiable, and will be completely segregated from those of other customers.

Your goods will be stored with one of our subcontractors who will arrange for appropriate insurance cover for them. We are responsible for arranging for storage of your goods with our subcontractors.

For all storage, we would require copy your verifiable ID to attached to your goods.

Your have right to remove your goods from storage by requesting delivery or collection of your goods from storage at any time after the commencement date.

Request for delivery or collection of stored goods must be provided in written. We would send acknowledgement with available dates for collections which may take between 2 to 5 working days.

All storage costs must be cleared before goods are released.

We reserve the right to terminate the storage service at any time on providing you with 90 days notice. If you do not arrange for delivery or collection of your goods or to sell them then we have the right to sell your goods at the then current market price and will send any proceeds less our relevant charges to your payment account. 

Collection or delivery of stored goods need to follow terms and conditions as described above.

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