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Discover an exceptional selection of Gold and Silver Bullion online and shop our London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Silver Bars at J Blundell & Sons, the UK’s long-established and premier gold and silver dealer based in Hatton Gardens, London.

Diversify your investment portfolio with our extremely competitive Silver bar prices and price match guarantee*, investing in physical Silver bullion bars has never been easier.

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Investing in Silver Bullion Bars

Silver is more affordable than gold, making it a more accessible investment for many people. This allows individuals to accumulate a substantial amount of physical wealth without a big initial investment.

When you buy silver in bar form, especially larger bars, you often get a lower price per ounce compared to coins or smaller bars. This is because the cost to produce a bar is generally lower than the cost to mint a coin. Silver bars are compact and stackable, making them very easy to store. This is particularly beneficial if you’re investing in a large quantity of silver. Silver bars often come in .999 fine silver, which is the highest level of purity for silver which makes them highly desirable among investors. Silver bullion bars are widely recognized and easy to sell which is beneficial if you ever need to convert your investment back into cash. Investing in silver bullion bars can help diversify your investment portfolio and often performs well when other investments are struggling, providing a hedge against economic downturns. Unlike digital assets or stocks, silver bullion bars are a tangible asset that you can hold in your hand. This physicality can provide a sense of security and stability for investors.

Silver Bars Weight and Sizes

At J Blundell & Sons offer a variety of silver bars for investment. Silver bullion bars are available in a variety of weights and sizes to cater to different investment needs and to suit different budgets.

The smallest and most affordable bar we have available to buy online is the is the 100g Silver Bar. These 100g cast silver bullion bars are numbered, and supplied loose with a matching Certificate of Authenticity from Swiss refiners Metalor. Other weights include the 250g Silver Bar and the 500g Silver Bar.

1 Kilo Silvers Bars

A very popular choice with investors are the 1 Kilo Silver Bars which offer a significant amount of silver at a lower premium per ounce compared to smaller silver bars or coins. This means investors get more silver for their money. Despite their size, 1 kilo silver bars are still relatively easy to buy and sell in the market. They are recognized and desired by both dealers and private buyers, ensuring liquidity.  Silver, like gold, is considered a safe haven asset. Owning a substantial amount in the form of a 1 kilo bar can be a good strategy for wealth preservation against economic uncertainties. Investing in a 1 kilo silver bar today and add diversification to an investment portfolio. Its never never been easier to hold a silver bar in your hand and make an investment today.


Metalor is one of the world’s leading and oldest precious metals refining and manufacturing companies. The company was originally established in 1852 in Switzerland as a watch movement manufacturer, and over time it evolved into a comprehensive precious metals company.

Metalor’s refining operations are globally recognized for their high level of quality and integrity. The company’s gold and silver bars are widely traded on global markets and are popular with investors and collectors. This is why all investors can shop with confidence , when buying silver bullion from J Blundell & Sons.

Buying Silver Bars Online- Free Insured Delivery

At J Blundell’s, we offer free fully insured delivery which is included on all of our Silver bar purchases, ensuring a seamless and secure shopping experience.

Price Match Guarantee*

At J Blundell’s & Sons we pride ourselves on providing competitive stock pricing and price transparency to all of our investors, so you will always receive the best possible value and price for your Silver, which is supported with our price match guarantee*. (Please supply a date quote from competitor on their company header paper).

Secure Payment Methods

We offer a great mix of silver payment methods to our customers including BACS or debit card payments. All major debit cards are accepted and should you have any questions surrounding payments or security, please feel free to contact us by phone or visiting us in store.

How To Buy Silver Bars Online?

  1. Select the Collectables Coin you wish to buy and add these to your online basket
  2. Choose to pay securely by BACS or debit card payment . All major debit cards are accepted.
  3. Your order can be securely posted to you for free, stored in our vault or collected from our London Hatton Garden located here.

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    Cant praise this company enough, very quick to sort orders and friendly. The only place I ll use now. Not like others I've contacted in past!

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    1 January 2023

    The team was incredibly friendly and helpful. Came out super satisfied. Got a great rate too

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    1 April 2020
  • Bought my first coin from Blundells for my son,Great customer service will use them again.

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    1 February 2023

    Very happy with the service and will gladly recommend and use them again

    Stephen Howe Avatar Stephen Howe
    1 March 2023

    Outstanding service. I placed an order online around 9 pm. First thing next morning I received a call from Blundell's to discuss an issue with the order and how it... read more

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    8 September 2023
  • Can't fault these guys! Sold some old gold I had sitting around the house! They gave great prices and were super fast and professional!

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    1 April 2021

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    25 March 2023

    Really pleased with the service. Very patiently explained over the phone about how the postal delivery would work. Excellent 😊

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    Good communication, excellent service.

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    1 March 2023

    Very good service and cheaper than elsewhere. What else could you need. Thanks a lot

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    1 March 2023
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    1 April 2021

    Excellent rate and great service (counter service). Provided their rates stay competitive would definitely choose again in the future.

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    1 April 2020

    90 mile journey to get there and what a surprise, polite,sympathetic and very friendly we would highly recommend.

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