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 How To Invest In Gold

Gold has been around for as long as we can remember and has always been a symbol of wealth. People have been investing in Gold since 550BC when Gold was first used as a form of currency. One of the reasons that people invest in Gold is because it is a way of preserving and protecting wealth. 

There are three main options if you are looking to invest in physical Gold. You can either buy Gold bullion, coins or jewellery. Investing in physical Gold has many benefits; it is timeless and offers a safeguard against any turbulence in the financial market. This blog will discuss the three types of physical Gold options in more detail. 

Gold Bullion:

Gold bullion is pure Gold formed into bars or oblong blocks so they can be stored in vaults easily. In the UK, if you buy a Gold Bullion bar with a purity of at least 99.5% (we only sell 99,999% purity bars which are 24ct) then they are investment-grade Gold and VAT-free. If you are buying Gold bullion and storing it at home, you should ensure that you have included it in your home and contents insurance to cover you in case of theft. 

To get protected, you must provide proof of purchase and all relevant documents to validate the insurance. It could be a good idea to store your Gold in a safe deposit box at the bank or with us; it is a much safer way to protect your Gold. 

Gold Coins

Many people decide to invest in Gold coins as they are smaller and, most of the time, more affordable. Gold coins have had a very long history as a currency and hold a lot of value. It can sometimes be better to invest in ten 1oz Gold coins instead of one 10oz Bullion bar so that if you need to sell some of your Gold, you can sell a portion of it and keep the rest rather than having to sell a whole bar. 

The beautiful and intricate designs of the Gold coins are another reason why people invest and collect them. Different coins are available, including The Sovereign and The Britannia. These two coins, in particular, are leger tender in the UK, which means they are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and VAT.

Gold Jewellery 

Buying Gold jewellery is another way for people to invest. People have been buying Gold jewellery for centuries, it is always in high demand. A Gold bracelet can be re-sold quickly for cash and can be transformed into coins or a bar if needed. If you purchase jewellery, it’s essential to make sure that it is authentic and bought from a reliable supplier. Some people accidentally purchase costume Gold jewellery that is being passed off as the real deal and end up getting stung when they find out their investment isn’t worth anything. If you are buying Gold jewellery online, always check that it is Assay Assured verified; you can check here. It is also important to remember that the cost of jewellery is made up of gold cost and the making/manufacturing cost. This cost can be up to 50% of the total price of the jewellery.